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Holy damn! Long time since an update, but here u go.
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icons made for a friend, shareable some of these i've already iconned before but with different crops/colors
some nsfw )
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about five or six icons pre person? buddies of mine will get as many as they like!!
i'll reply to your comment instead of making a post
icons can be shareable or not, that's up to you

i never really tried iconning live action stuff, but am willing to try! annd i can't really color
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i hope u guys like icons, because i've probably spammed much more than i should have.

asklordofskulls@tumblr is possibly the cutest jake askblog i've seen, it's really precious! so here are some icons
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a shitton of jane icons!! some dirk/roxy too

( some icons are nsfw )

i used some icons that [community profile] artbombs made for me, as bases.

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gifff icons from asymmetricjester @ tumblr
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teeeny tiny icon post
haven't really been in a huge mood to icon stuff so, have some stuff i made for rp instead!!
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no dirk this time, i usually try to make a bunch of icons for him when posting.
jake, jane and caliborn

( also some others like lord english, roxy, rose, calliope, dave and etc )
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photobuckets is working for me today, yes good.
soo - i have about 50+ dirk icons & 30+ caliborn
credit to [community profile] nimmo, please!
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onepunch man icons: genos

no homestuck this time!
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ohhhh my GOD i did not mean to make this many icons
icons of: dirk, jane, jake, caliborn.... tavros
and some other hamsteaks
credit to either [community profile] nimmo or [livejournal.com profile] meercas
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